Hylase and HE Series Ultrafast Fiber Lasers

Hylase: Industrial Picosecond Laser

The HYLASE systems consist of two models, with sub-20 picosecond pulse duration and specified power (maximum pulse energy) of 8W (50 uJ) and 25W (125uJ). With built-in optical modulators, HYLASE offers flexible pulse repetition rate up to 40MHz and burst-mode operation for advanced process development. Both models have also second harmonic module as an option.

The parameters of HYLASE make the ultra-compact, economical systems ideally suited for efficient, high speed, non-thermal, precision micromachining of semiconductors, dielectrics, metals, and polymer materials.

Typical applications include photovoltaic & electronics production, display glass processing and security & decorative marking.


HE Series Utrafast Fiber Lasers

HE Lasers are all fiber based picosecond and femtosecond lasers ideal for fundamental micro-machining applications.

A built in AO pulse picker allows internal, step-wise changes in the repetition rate producing microjoule energy level pulses. A second AO pulse picker in the external laser head enables selection of variable, shaped pulse trains at repetition rates from 1MHz down to single-shot and burst-mode operation.


Fianium operates a well equipped Applications facility to perform proprietary trials on customer provided material ranging from proof of concept test to detailed process characterization.