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New WhiteLase OEM Industrial Supercontinuum Fiber Laser

Southampton, United Kingdom (February 10, 2015) Industrial applications for supercontinuum lasers open up with the release of the new WhiteLase™ OEM supercontinuum laser. Read more

New Fianium FemtoPower1060 with enhanced pulse-width specification

Southampton, United Kingdom (July 2, 2014) Fianium announce improved pulsewidth specifications of less than 250 femtoseconds on their suite of high power femtosecond fiber lasers. Read more

World’s Brightest Supercontinuum Laser WhiteLase SC480-20 now shipping

Southampton, United Kingdom (June 16, 2014) Fianium are now shipping the WhiteLase™ SC480-20, the world’s highest brightness supercontinuum laser with an unprecedented 20W of total power. This new system produces over 3W of visible (350-750nm) and 4.5W of extended visible (350-850nm) power and a continuous output spectrum from <480nm to 2400nm. Read more

HYLASE picosecond laser results from unique, powerful collaboration

Southampton, United Kingdom and Hannover, Germany (June 11, 2014) The HYLASE picosecond laser, with up to 25W power and 125μJ, targeted for advanced micromachining applications is now shipping. Read more

Fianium introduce the World’s Brightest Supercontinuum Laser

Southampton, United Kingdom (February 1, 2014) Fianium have introduced the WhiteLase™ SC480-20, the world’s highest brightness supercontinuum laser with an unprecedented 20W of total power. Read more

HYLASE-25 a new picosecond laser for micromachining from Fianium is available for customer trials

Southampton, United Kingdom (January 26, 2014) Fianium, the leading manufacturer of ultrafast fiber lasers has released HYLASE-25, a newly developed high-energy picosecond laser, for customer trials. Read more

Fianium Ship 1000th Supercontinuum Fiber Laser

Southampton, United Kingdom (January 6, 2014) Fianium, the leading manufacturer of Ultrafast fiber laser technology, has today reported shipment of its 1000th supercontinuum fiber laser. Read more

Fianium Awarded R&D Development Projects Totalling £1.35M ($2.1M)

Southampton, United Kingdom (October 17, 2013) Fianium, the leading manufacturer of Ultrafast fiber laser technology has today announced recent success in three UK-government competitive funding competitions. Read more

Fianium introduces their new WhiteLase UV, the world’s first UV-enhanced supercontinuum fiber Laser

Southampton, United Kingdom (September 25, 2012) The unique WhiteLase UV provides a spectrum from below 390nm to beyond 2400nm enabling an even wider range of applications from a single laser source. Read more

"WhiteLase" Supercontinuum Fibre Laser Technology Earns Fianium the UK's top business award

Southampton, United Kingdom (April 21, 2012) Ultrafast fibre laser manufacturer Fianium has been awarded a coveted 2012 Queen’s Award for Enterprise. Read more

Fianium launches entry-level, compact ultrafast supercontinuum fiber laser

Southampton, United Kingdom (January 23, 2012) Fianium, a leading supplier of ultrafast fiber lasers , unveils its newly designed, WhiteLase micro™ supercontinuum source. Read more

New SuperChrome™ filter provides over 100mW of tunable output

Southampton, United Kingdom (June 24, 2011) Ultrafast fibre laser manufacturer, Fianium, announces the release of their SuperChrome™ filter; a high power transmission filter accessory for use with Fianium's supercontinuum laser sources and fibre delivery systems. Read more

Fianium launches the world’s brightest white light lasers

Southampton, United Kingdom (January 20, 2011) Ultrafast fiber laser manufacturer Fianium today announces the industry’s most powerful commercially available Supercontinuum lasers. Three new models, SC-450-8, SC-450-8-PP and SC-450-8-VE are available now and are capable of generating over 8W of total output power and leading spectral brightness in a continuous spectrum from 450nm to over 2microns. The lasers will be demonstrated for the first time on Fianium’s booth at BIOS (A8703) and Photonics West (A2501). Read more

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