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Applications for Fianium Lasers in Ultrafast Laser Microprocessing

At Lasys 2012 our Laser Applications Engineer, Tim Gerke, presents new capabilities in laser microprocessing for Fianium’s ultrafast picosecond fiber lasers

Fianium’s ultrafast fiber lasers provide incredibly high peak power and ultrashort pulse duration, which combine to provide access to new realms of laser micromachining unachievable with

To summarise the attached article, Fianium’s ultrafast fiber lasers are rapidly becoming the laser technology of choice for many important industrial applications and continue to enable development of new applications. They require no internal optical alignments (realignments) and thus require very little maintenance. Fianium’s picosecond and femtosecond high-energy fiber lasers are air-cooled and have an extremely small footprint, which is ideal for integration into processing tools. The ultrashort pulse duration coupled with pulse energy up to 10μJ provide the incredible peak powers enabling a variety of applications not conventionally achievable with nanosecond lasers like athermal ablation and processing transparent materials.

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