WhiteLase™ Supercontinuum Fiber Lasers

The full spectrum of white-light lasers

Supercontinuum fiber lasers, or “white-light” lasers, are unique light sources emitting an ultra-broad optical spectrum, typically from ultraviolet to beyond two microns, with laser-like beam quality over the full wavelength range. All Fianium supercontinuum lasers provide picosecond pulses at Megahertz repetition rates so can be used equally effectively as a CW source in steady state applications or a pulsed source for lifetime measurements.

The range of WhiteLase tunable filter accessories effectively convert any Fianium supercontinuum laser into a widely tunable laser source. A single supercontinuum laser, in combination with a tunable filter, can replace an unlimited number of single frequency lasers in a wide range of applications. All filter options are available either free-space or fiber delivered and maintain the inherent high beam quality of the supercontinuum output. Please see our tunable filters section for more information.

The WhiteLase Family

Fianium are the world leaders in supercontinuum laser sources with over 10 years’ experience at the cutting edge of ultrafast fiber lasers, microstructured optical fiber and supercontinuum generation technology. With over 1600 systems now supplied, Fianium supercontinuum lasers are the first choice for leading companies, universities and research institutes around the world. All WhiteLase supercontinuum lasers are turn-key systems with no user alignment or maintenance required.

With Fianium’s proprietary microstructured fiber technology, the spectrum remains constant over many thousands of hours operation, even at full power, so you can be confident of repeatable performance even in high duty cycle applications.

WhiteLase model range comparison table

WhiteLase SC-400 series WhiteLase SC-480 series WhiteLase SC-UV series WhiteLase SC-OEM series WhiteLase micro series Total Power Visible Power (350-750nm) Extended Visible Power (350-800nm)
WL-micro >200mW >20mW ≈50mW
WL-micro-HP >500mW >20mW ≈50mW
WL-SC-400-2 >2W >300mW ≈450mW
WL-SC-UV-3 >3W >300mW ≈450mW
WL-SC-400-4 >4W >600mW ≈900mW
WL-SC-400-8 WL-OEM-8 >8W >1200mW ≈1800mW
WL-SC-480-10 WL-OEM-10 >10W >1500mW ≈2250mW
WL-SC-400-20 WL-SC-480-20 >20W >2700mW ≈4500mW